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Call center Seat Leasing in Bangladesh 1If you are seeking to outsource your company inbound or outbound campaign in the Bangladesh, you want control over the operation without invest less on the expensive technology, then seat leasing is for you. Call center seat leasing can help you save just as much as around up to 50%-70% on outsourcing costs and also your total control on your own processes.


We provide the most affordable, competitive and unbeatable call center seat leasing in the Bangladesh nobody can do this better than us. We care you as well as your success within the Bangladesh and you could depend on us every stage of the trail, no matter what size or small your business is, Seat leasing is an excellent way to pull up your business with the cost effective way also. We offer the infrastructure you needed to run your own campaign usually at a monthly or hourly rate.


We are well aware that our seat leasing facilities are the place the agents will spend most of the time, so we make sure they feel comfortable with their space, tools and work environment.

Our workstations are fully equipped with:


Desktop computer with LED monitor 19-22inch

Microsoft Software

High-quality Headset for Call Center agent

Ergonomic Chair

Guaranteed 99.9% up time

Fiber optic: 10 Mbps

Predictive Dialer

VOIP Communications

Backup Internet Connections

Technical support

Training Room Facility

Guaranteed security for the employees

Drinking Water/Shower/ Break Area for staff



Per Seat $55 Only or 4000BDT. One-month advance payment needed.