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In order to achieve maximum business efficiency and success, enterprises rely on industry standard processes which have been supported by the latest with technology. However, disruptive technology, a low capital, and shrinking budgets are driving more and more enterprises to adopt Business Process as being a Service (BPaaS) or “platform BPO” to experience their goals.

NIMBUS TeK’s BPO supply model, which is a part of our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Companies, offers companies with the opportunity to reap the benefits of our best-in-class technology and consistent business process services for customer support, without any major expenditure. By making use of our specialized approach towards BPaaS outsourced workers, we have enabled global clients to shift at a high-cost model to an infinitely more flexible, consumption-based price structure.

            By making use of our BPO services, you can easily adjust resources to meet the changing demands of the business, with greater flexibility and an improved collaboration of processes, people as well as technologies.Our Global delivery versions, cloud-based solutions, and best-in-class BPO capabilities typically offer flexibility in optimizing your customer service operations. Our customer service BPaaS solutions give you a next generation Omni-Channel customer service platform, which can be accustomed to efficiently manage customer service interfaces around chat, email, the web, voice and social websites channels.

Benefits of Outsourcing BPO Services to NIMBUS TeK

Our BPO solutions offer global clients an unmatched access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, professional and trained staff and streamlined tested processes. Outsource your requirement to us and leverage the following benefits –

  • Faster time-to-market: Drastically reduce the time spent in finding and deploying new processes and assets
  • Immediate access to best-of-breed processes, technology and skills: Quick access to easy upgrades and efficient processes that are built into the technology platform
  • Better control and compliance: Eliminate the need for long or complex change management transitions
  • Reduced costs: Minimal costs during the course of the business engagement
  • Flexible pricing: A flexible pricing model that requires minimal capital expenditure while ensuring all your requirements are met

Why to Choose NIMBUS TeK as your BOP partner?

  • Achieve greater agility in responding to constantly changing market conditions
  • Use a single service provider for end-to-end customer services right from products, services, processes, and infrastructure
  • Minimized relationship management costs