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Scanning called a process of optically scanning images, printed text, handwriting, or something like an object and converting the same to a digital image. Scanned images are usable when they are properly stored in a well-structured database precisely indexed for easy, user-friendly retrieval. Indexing can be used for combining files which may or may not be linked logically. Indexing is done manually as well as automatically as per the requirement.

By using Image Scanning and Indexing services, you can release your company from the hassles and disadvantages of maintaining all your business documents in hard copies.

Indexing And Scanning Service 1

You can manage all the voluminous data and images in electronic/digital format. We capture data from:


  • Optical character recognition (OCR),
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR),
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology and if needed with the special software routine.

We provide high-quality Scanning and Indexing services in accordance with any format of document and image. We offer superior quality scanned files and coded data. Our experienced team of document scanning experts provides services to support large scale projects within quick turnaround time. Your critical business data is safe and secure by availing the services of our BPO Services. Give us your data and we will get it back to you quickly and accurately, whenever needed.